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Sunday Worship: 

Sunday morning worship is held at 10:30 am.  While Silver Spire is fairly traditional in our worship style we often break the mold with regular intergenerational services, drama and guest musicians. Worship includes a theme conversation with the children, sermon/message by the minister, prayers for our community and hymns.  When we serve communion, all are welcome to receive it.

After the service, we move into the auditorium for coffee, tea or juice, talk with friends and make new acquaintances. Everyone is welcome.

Church After Dark:

We are beginning a new church service called Church After Dark which will take place on the evening of the fourth Sunday of the month at 7 p.m.

Church After Dark is a new service where we tackle more provocative issues than in a traditional service in a more inclusive and conversational manner. We will explore our sacred texts from a progressive Christian viewpoint. This service is for folks who are curious about Christianity, are dissatisfied with 'the church,' are looking for something new, or want to understand more about the expansiveness of the United Church and our theologies. We want to de-mystify the church, the service and the text. Try it out! Invite your friends! Share it with your friends, neighbours and enemies!

For more information, contact Rev. Karen

Morning Prayer: 

Join us at 9:00 am, Monday to Friday, as members of the downtown community gather for a time of prayer and quiet reflection.  Using a form of worship know as Lectio Divina (The Divine Word), we hear the words of scripture and reflect upon their importance in our lives and in our community.


Silver Spire welcomes all who wish to be baptized. When parents bring their infant to be baptized they make promises on behalf of the child and themselves to raise their child in the Christian faith.  Baptism and the commitment it reflects is central to our faith as Christians. It symbolizes the great love that God has for each one of us.  It is a sign which marks the depth of love between God and humanity.  Baptism Sundays are full of joy and thanksgiving at Silver Spire.


If you would like to speak to one of our ministers about baptism please email or call the church office. 


The death of a loved one is a time to recall the miracle of life, to give thanks for the life of the deceased, and to mourn the loss.  In the United Church, the nature of such a service is most often in the context of a celebration of life.  This time provides and opportunity to recall the deceased person's life journey, his or her blessings and challenges, and the gift of relationships that he or she shared with family and others.

Ministry personnel of Silver Spire are in a covenantal relationship with the congregation.  As such, funeral and memorial services held in the church sanctuary will normally be conducted by our

minister. Our minister may also be available to preside for services held in funeral home chapels. Please contact the Church Office at 905.682.8328 for more information.

The Music Director is the designated organist of Silver Spire and, as such, normally plays for services held in the church sanctuary.  Please contact us for additional details.

Silver Spire has a Columbarium.  Niches are available to be purchased.

Receptions may be held following a funeral or memorial service.  Catering might be provided by the United Church Women's organization (UCW) or by an outside caterer.  Arrangements must be made by contacting Silver Spire.

A wedding is a joyful occasion to celebrate the love of two people as they commit their lives to one another.  We welcome all who approach marriage thoughtfully and reverently to celebrate their marriage in the context of Christian worship at Silver Spire United Church.  As an inclusive congregation, we welcome members and non-members, same-sex and opposite-sex couples alike.

Please contact the Church Office at 905.682.8328 for more information.

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