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Beginning on February 5th Silver Spire Worship will be livestreamed to YouTube only.  We have cancelled our Streamspot subscription. The new link will be on our home page and also included in our E-News. 

Our Youth Group meets every Thursday night from 7-9 pm in our new Youth Room (the former nursery). All youth from grades 7-12 are welcome to pop in and see what we're all about! For more information, send an email to our Youth Leader, Ally Phillips


*Giant Tiger gift cards are subject to availability*

Showers and Laundry Service

Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays

9 am - 12 pm

Bear Clan Patrol meets every Friday and Saturday night at 6 pm.


Thursday Morning Coffee Hour: The Thursday morning

group has evolved from general conversation to a bible study

and lectionary group.  Join us to discuss the upcoming

readings for each Sunday.  The group meets Thursdays

at 9:30 am in the Hearth Room. 

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