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Our Church

Silver Spire United Church came into existence on July 1, 2008, as an amalgamation of three former downtown St. Catharines churches: Memorial United, St. Paul Street United and Welland Avenue United. Our current membership is about 450 individuals. Average Sunday worship attendance is around 160 people. 

On Sunday morning you can feel energy and life fill our sanctuary as people gather to worship.  Children gather around their activity table at the front of the sanctuary while the youth hide in the balcony.  Adults gather in their pews greeting friends and newcomers. 

The church does not sleep during the week as Morning Prayer gathers at 9:00 am for a time of contemplative worship followed by coffee.  The building hums with life as community and church groups meet, plan and build relationships. Every corner of the building comes to life as people gather, work and renew our community.

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Our Ministers
Rev. Jane Capstick
Rev. Karen Orlandi
Our Values

We strive to be . . .


Christ-Centred - We live out the teachings of Jesus Christ, embodying compassion through listening and responding to others.


Reverent - We treat the earth and all creation as sacred gifts of God.


Welcoming - We are intentional about being invitational, building relationships and community.


Open and Accepting - We affirm diversity by including and celebrating people of every age, race, belief, culture, ability, income level, family configuration, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation in life and ministry.  Full participation of everyone is included in all aspects of the life and work of our ministry.


Committed to Learning - We inspire, explore and grow together in our faith.


Truth Seeking and Truth Telling – We seek reconciliation with those historically harmed through their relationship with the church.


Good Stewards - We give to God of our time, talents and treasures and use them wisely in service of our community and the world. .

Our Mission and Vision
Our Vision


As a downtown St. Catharines church, we will participate in the creation and growth of a healthy and vibrant community as we seek justice and live in kindness in the world.

Our Mission


As an inviting and welcoming community, centered in Christ, we work with individuals and partners to transform lives.

Strategic Priorities


  1. Partner with community groups to integrate arts into the life of the congregation and community. 

  2. Work with others for a more just and equitable society by being a catalyst for community change and facilitating services that address poverty reduction.

  3. Develop our congregation and leadership by providing engaging worship, ongoing opportunities to deepen spiritual practices welcoming all people, and further develop our organizational structure, operations and facility for sustainability. 

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