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Small Groups

At Silver Spire we meet together in one big group on Sunday mornings, and frequently gather in smaller groups throughout the week. Some of these groups are informal, some come into existence to do a certain job, then disband; others are more formal and long-lasting.


Our church currently has many small groups, including the Silver Spire Church Council with its Teams, our choirs, the United Church Women and many more that meet for recreational, social, spiritual or study purposes.

Yoga, Dream Group, Carpet Bowling, several 12-Step groups, Al-Anon, Transgender Niagara support group and Bear Clan Patrol are just a few additional groups.  Please call the Church Office at 905.682.8328 for more information.

Taking part in one or more of these groups can be a great way of getting to know people better, while enriching your life and the life of the church. What is your passion? How are you called to contribute?

Care for the Soul

Using a Quaker model of community, this group welcomes new members for quiet reflection. Contact Sue Empringham at 905-708-2116.


United Church Women

UCW has 2 units meeting monthly, plus several meetings together each year for programs/speakers and fellowship, along with a meal. We assist at church events at Silver Spire and elsewhere, and host the awesome “Silver Bells “ annual Christmas bazaar!

Study Groups

Lives are transformed as we walk together on our faith journey.  Through small groups, book studies, Bible studies, retreat opportunities, webinars, seminars and other events, we share our lives and discover God in our midst.

e.g.  Pageturners.  It’s Silver Spire’s book group - turning pages and reading them.  We meet throughout the year to read and discuss books that are chosen by anyone in the group.  The group is open to everyone.  The books that we read are chosen with an eye to:  expanding our understanding of scripture, examining our theological stance, and growing our faith.  We are challenged to ask questions, go deeper, wonder. Sometimes we are confirmed in what we think we know and believe; sometimes we are disrupted, asked to think again. Always we get to the point of examining our practice, i.e. how we live out our faith.  It’s always a sharing and learning experience. 

Usually we read two books for the year. Some of the books we have read are:

  • An Altar in the World (Barbara Brown Taylor)

  • Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos (Bruce Sanguin)

  • Embracing the Human Jesus (David Galston)

  • Emergence Christianity (Phyllis Tickle)

  • Fishing Tips (John Pentland)

  • The First Christmas (Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan)

  • 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life (Karen Armstrong)

Pastoral Care​

With the support of our ministry team, a dedicated group of volunteers offers visits to the sick and shut-ins, care and nurture during times of grief, meals and other support during times of crisis, groceries and financial support during times of need.​

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