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Update from your Council:
Many people have been asking about masks at Silver Spire.

At the Council meeting on September 21 st the following decisions were made.

We know that the COVID virus spreads through airborne particles. Science has shown that
vaccines, masks, hand sanitizer, physical distancing and staying home if you have symptoms are
still the most effective ways for us to protect ourselves. The Ontario government has relaxed the
COVID restrictions, but we want to make sure everyone stays safe at Silver Spire.

As people enter the church for worship, the Greeters will provide medical masks to those without
We ask that you wear a medical mask to sing but at all other times masks will be
Hand sanitizer will still be available at the entrances and throughout the sanctuary.

For events and gatherings at Silver Spire, attendees must be vaccinated, masks will be optional,
hand sanitizer will be available throughout the church, physical distancing will be in place and
people with symptoms will be asked to stay home.
As we head into the fall season, it is predicted that there will be another wave of infections and it
may be necessary for us to revisit these decisions once again. Thank you for keeping yourselves
and each other safe.
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